Mar. 7th, 2016

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I finally got around to listening to the Hidden Almanac because [personal profile] bookblather was posting about doing the same. I don't know how it took me so long since I've been a fan of KUEC all this time, but I'm glad I did. It was a little weird to get into at first because all I could think was "This is Kevin's voice. This is Kevin. At some point he is going to talk about beagles" but you get over that eventually.

It is delightfully weird in that way that Ursula Vernon's work always is. Each episode is really short, just a few minutes long, but that means that it's easy to catch up on the giant backlog, and also that you can sneak one in whenever you have a bit of time spare. Or several. I dare you to stop at one. I dare you.

Poke if you like weird history, weird saints, weird gardening, and used car salesman rising from the grave to threaten their business rivals in the sponsor messages. And Kevin's voice, which is the definition of relaxing.


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