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This is another index page for the Runaway Tales community on LJ.

For the Manifestations index and some more explanation of what's going on, go here.

The Distance: In a land of magical tech, semi-sentient machines, mindlinked pets, and general weirdness, three friends set out to circumnavigate the globe because they can. On the way they search for the answers to questions nobody ever asked, get into way too much trouble, and discover a few truths about themselves. Oh, and have a few rows and set a great deal of things on fire.

____; $__, ____; $__, ____; priceless: Three people. One dream. A whole lot of nonsense.
I’d rather be ____ing, FOTD (homologate): Just because you're on business doesn't mean you can't have fun.

The journey:
n00b: Three first impressions on the subject of exploration.
nom nom nom: Board games, drunkeness, and philosophy don't mix. But who cares?
i can has: Chey gets his ride. And a few other things.
trufax: The most embarrassing phone call of Chey's life, or: why cheating doesn't pay.
srsly: Demeri isn't having a good day.
omg: What are friends for?
do not want: Chey is not a fan of the rainforest. Oh, and his bike is trying to kill him. It's just not his day, really.
roflmao: The problem with semi-sentient machines is that sometimes you have to reason with them if you want to get anywhere. And you look a right prat when doing so.
kthxbai: Demeri is on a mission, but not without saying goodbye.
tl;dr: The mind of Saeir is an interesting place, and I use the world interesting quite wrongly.
o rly? Chey needs some advice.
wtf: Just another average day of disasters for Chey and Demeri.
pwned: It's the end for Demeri's beloved car. Or is it?
o noes: Demeri's drunk on power. Again.
made of win: How it all ended.

Caramel (post journey)
love me; love my _____: Oh sure, Chey's got new gender identities to sort out, but there's also that theme tune that won't come out right...

Non canon stuff

Ridiculous Pirate AU: The trio are pirates for no good reason, and nothing makes sense. Nothing.
skeleton, follow that _____! In which our trio of explorers have inexplicably become pirates, and Saeir is determined to doom everyone by boring them to death.
specual effects, you call that a ____? Oh no, our heroic pirate crew have run into a monst- hey, wait a minute...


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