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..also Semagic? Did you just get an update?

I suddenly feel all wibbly...
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Finally caught up on Doctor Who. You could say I took the long way around.

Now, you know, I'm very laid back, very non-critical, very easy to please. So there are finales that will make me go "Eh, X could have been better, but I had fun." And then there are those that make me go "Ooh, that was fun!" and those that make me go "That was cool, I loved that!"

And then, those that make me cheer out loud because of how perfect they were.

Mag-fucking-nificent. And I can't wait for Christmas!
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These are kind of beautiful. By which I mean so awful and tacky that they transcend awfulness and become some more.

But I have no place to wear one and they're kind of spendy for something I wouldn't be able to wear.

Such is the tragedy of my life...
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Stop reading the news. Stop watching the news. Stop whispering sweet nothings to the news as you both fall asleep. I know it sucks, but you'll feel better. Here's some ice cream.

(Worked for me!)

Anyway the sun is setting and I am off to London to sit in a bookshop for 12 hours with 40 other writers because I have no sense of self preservation or a healthy sleep cycle. See you all tomorrow when I will no doubt have collapsed on the floor, late in again because the trains here are shite!
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Don't feel too great today. Too many people milling around at work, and the lights are still killing my head. It's not easy to focus when you feel like someone's turned up the pressure inside your skull. Hopefully I'll be switching seats soon because I can't handle much more of this.

BUT it is NaNo refresh day, which is when the season officially starts, and the 200th episode of KUEC is up. So if you need me, I'll be off listening to two people eating silkworm pupa So I Don't Have To.


Sep. 11th, 2015 08:22 pm
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I did some more screwing around with my Neocities page. It has a links section now. LIKE IT'S 1999.

I guess some people would say there's no need for links anymore because we have better search engines than we used to. And I guess that's right. But I think sometimes links can show you stuff you might never have found otherwise. They bring me back to my earliest experiences with the internet, hanging out in internet cafes ~1998, squeezing as much time as I could out of my money. It was mostly Petz sites. Hopping from one to the other, it felt like exploring a multitude of little worlds. That's what links are good for. You're not driving down a motorway, you're exploring a little trail through the woods. You don't know where you'll end up, but it's fun to find out...

(And contrary to popular belief, many of them were quite nicely put together. Granted I came in at the tail end of the 90s, when things were starting to get a bit slicker. But still personal.)

That's what I feel like my page is. A little world, all to myself. And yeah, nostalgic. That purple Courier on black look was My Thing back when. But it's also my home now. Sometimes you come across something and you think "yes, this could be my internet home" and this is one of mine. It takes a little more time and effort, but the end result is something that's uniquely yours.

Basically what you all need to do now is make pages so I can link to you and be all LOOK AT THESE COOL PEOPLE.
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Oh hi guys, you just showed up in time for my birthday! Have a Mini Roll. They're tasty.

I'm 32, which sounds depressing until you remember it's ten years left until the Answer, which is really cool. So there. And I got the little birthday message in my Pokemon games which was really awesome.

It also means I've crossed that sort of metaphorical gateway to NaNo. Once the birthday's over and done with the season's started for real. So if I talk about nothing but NaNo for the next few months you know why.
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It felt like summer this afternoon. I got some nice outdoor time. But it comes around this time of year. The weather's a little cooler, the evenings a little darker... and before you know it you're in a coffeeshop, hunched over a keyboard, while about thirty other people do the same, and the caffeine's flowing, and you've barely slept but you don't care...

It's NaNo and there's no getting away from it.

And I think this is the most indecisiveness I've had over a NaNo? I have about three ideas battling it out, nothing developed much beyond a basic premise. I thought I was sure which one I'd pick but last night I became sure again, and I think it'll be down to the wire. Maybe whichever one wants to be written when November rolls around. They're all fun ideas, just I haven't had one in particular jump out and really want to be written.

But it's NaNo time no matter what.

I think I should get some hot chocolate.


Sep. 2nd, 2015 07:02 pm
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I just gave blood so everything's a bit wobbly right now and I'm in a lounge around in leopard pyjamas and drink tea sort of mood. Words may not make sense.

cut because blood )

I still want one of those tilty chairs they use.

And I just took the xkcd survey. I'm sure it's perfectly safe.
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I'm sorry I can't hear you over the sound of how 90s this is. (Warning, will play audio. It's damn fine audio though.)

I can't help myself, I find this shit beautiful.

(See if you can find the Petz dog!)
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Random and Pilcrowe's investigations bring them to a staple of Novembers past and present. Meanwhile. Tildeworth has some advice for the oncoming storm that is Week Two.

"This is literally the worst pirates versus ninjas scene ever," whined Steve the Ninja, in the background.

The hardest thing with Random is balancing the cracky silliness with the serious side of things. I think that's an issue with a lot of these types of story. You don't want to be all grimdark because you're dealing with a silly concept, but nor do you want the silly to overload the fact that you're dealing with what are hopefully rounded characters with fears and hopes.

Semi related I took a trip out last night to see a late showing of Inside Out. So many feels. Sniff. But it's exactly the sort of movie I hope Random is as good as, if that makes sense. The sort of genre that inspired it. Take a weird idea, and make a damn fine story.
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I just completed these as a commission for [ profile] koobine of his world Dimentiara. Which you should all love because it has monsters. Discovered while drawing this that I've become not half bad at eyeballing climates on a world map. Not sure what to make of that. It's not the most marketable skill in the world.

I love drawing maps but I never get the chance to do them, so when I got this commission I jumped at the chance. And yes, I will do these if you ask all nicely. You want your deserts to go where your deserts should go? Call me. I have a geography qualification and I'm not afraid to use it.

(speaking of which I half want to post these to Cartographer's Guild but but those people are pros who really know their stuff. And I'm shy.)


Aug. 8th, 2015 09:15 pm
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Is there a definition of 'pathetic' in which, having realised you're out of tea, you just boil up some plain water and drink that?

(extra definition: it's actually kind of nice)
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I go through the park on my way home from town. Tonight was that sort of cool summer moth-filled dusk, and I thought I'd stop by the hedge maze dragon. Cause we have a hedge maze dragon. It felt like the sort of night where he might come alive.

He didn't, but hey. It felt like he could have done.

Mmm I slept forever last night and I needed it.
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Happy Ice Age ending day, everyone!

(Certainly feels like it out there. I'm going to go pass out in front of the fan.)
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I am so whacked today, thanks to the conference call that would not end. If I find who invented meetings, they are dead at my hands. I swear.

Some stuff:

Moar Ryll. World stuff, new places, plants, animals, and some stuff about the Archetypes (super powerful NPC guys, you no can has, mine all mine, ah ha haaaa, etc).

I'm doing a map commission! Fun!

It struck me when I was adding stuff to the Ryll site that there's got to be a significant drop in people online who've ever made a webpage, or even know how. They probably think of it as some weird, unknowable thing... and that's sad, because HTML is not scary and CSS is not scary. But when I showed some people at work what I was doing while working on some work related pages, they just looked perplexed. Not so long ago, if you were online, you probably knew something. Now... it's just nonsense. It's sad. Doesn't have to be this way... also, I feel old again.

Cool stuff now. I've been on Meetup for a while but to be honest it's kind of worthless when sending me anything I might be interested in. Until recently when I got a note about a starter friendly D&D group starting up in Brighton. I know sod all about D&D apart from what I've picked up from Order of the Stick, but... what the hell. I put my name down, because I wanted to see what it was like. There should be a session on Saturday, if the guy organising it can find a venue. I hope it's fun. I'm nervous and clueless but I know I'd regret it if I didn't give it a try.

I also think I'm the only girl on the confirmed list, but eh, what the hell.
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I gotta announce these things when they go up. Anyway! Before I go to bed, have another part of a thing, what I wrote.

Chapter summary: Random gets to doing some more science (of the highly scientific sort, of course), and Pilcrowe investigates. Meanwhile, the Personification of Communications is bad at... well, communicating. Also, there's a cat.

"I know it looks like phone jammed into a pile of chopped up kitchen appliances, but that's because it is. But it's also a lot more scientific than that!"


Jul. 12th, 2015 08:19 pm
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Being an adult is overrated. Come join me. We can all sit on the floor wearing leopard pyjamas and playing with pretty coloured inks!
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Did this one specifically as an excuse to get out the coloured pencils again. It was awesome. I feel like a kid again! Honestly, I love this pic. It's like my really old ~2000 Animals of Farthing Wood influenced look, but good.

Speaking of Kiarrcats... I mentioned in my last ramble I was thinking of doing a forum. So I set one up. It's basic right now, just the base skin and one board. But do feel free to say hello. Honestly, I'm just happy that it's there. I've never managed to set something like this up on my own without having to ask HOW I THING every five minutes!

I'm still not 100% sure about forum vs live RP... buuut I think it'll help to have both options. I hope.

The website is still moving along too. Been putting up some updated species descriptions, more stuff about the world. All the background set making stuff. It's all go around Ryll right now!


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