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Meet Kalium*. She's a "mountain dragon" (maybe some foo dog type critter in her ancestry too?) and she is mine.

I didn't mean to keep her, but I put the finishing touches on her over the weekend and realised that I couldn't bear to part with her. In hindsight, it's my fault for making her purple. I can't resist purple.

I knew this would happen one day.

*The old term for potassium and why its chemical symbol is K. The periodic table is too a fandom.
rustydragonfly: Photo of a black cat wearing a tux/bowtie collar (tuxedo cat) a meeting you don't know about until on the day. I can tell this is going to be a theme of the week.

Mummy, I want to go back to Nottingham. Already waiting for the next Dimension Jump.

Ooh! But look who's for sale! (No, not Frankenstein. If you try to take her off me, I may have to eat you.)

He's all yours for a donation of at least 80AUD to the Nepal earthquake relief effort. I'll even toss in shipping for free. Go here if you want to snap him up!

Now I'm going to go zone out...

I'm baaaack

May. 4th, 2015 08:44 pm
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I had an awesome time and so did Frankie! 2/10 mechanoids agree, she has a lovely bum.

I take back every fear I had about cons, it was the best weekend ever and I can't wait for the next one... but right now I'm exhausted after a weekend of minimal sleep and cross country travel, so a proper write-up will follow. Threw some pics up on Tumblr for anyone that wants a peek at the many adventures of Frankenstein the Holy Mother until then!

But now... now I'm going to sleep forever. Or at least until I have to get up for work.
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I like bats, you should like bats too. And I wanted to break out of all quadrupeds all the time.

I spent a while in the coffeeshop again today as well, that always gets me writing. It might sound pretentious, but it works, and I'm not going to dispute what works. It feels kind of weird to be working on MFS, because of how long it's been going on for - four years now, and still only about halfway through. I don't think I've held onto a storyline and group of characters for that long, and it's a lot different to jumping in on a new concept. The characters still manage to surprise me - I don't think they'll ever stop doing that - but it's less about discovering who they are and finding things out, and more about getting in to the meat of the story. Parts of this are scary, I'm going to hurt them over and over, but that's what writing's all about. Being awful to fictional people. Yeah.

Also thinking I'll run a printoff of my NaNo novel and do an edit of it. I want to get that thing up and posted.
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No really this is a big thing! The appointment went well. Less than a minute of warm water and weird pressure, and.. well, the effects aren't noticeable at first, but as the water dries out...

Everything is so loud, even when I type it's all sharp clicking and what the hell since when were keyboards this loud. I kept asking "did you hear that" all day because everything is so sensitive right now. I'm also dizzy, but that's normal. But it all went great. I really don't remember it being this quick and easy before.

Finally finished one of my brownies for the RaTs challenge... course I can't post it until Sunday, but hey, things are looking up. Now if only Paypal would hurry up with my name change documentation. It's been over a week and I've yet to hear a thing, but I also have no benchmark for how long this stuff takes, so maybe this is normal? At least I have time to work on my site.

(I miss having a proper site. Everyone should build a site. It's good fun and gives the internet lots more variety!)

Here's another thing:

(Speaking of which, one more contest to win. Urgh Alpha Sapphire can I have my brain back sometime PLEASE.)

What happened to Tumblr, anyway? I kept trying to drag and drop these to the page and it kept navigating away and losing my post. I really liked the drag-drop interface too. It's why I use Tumblr for images - that's what it does well. It shouldn't break!


Jan. 20th, 2015 08:02 pm
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Things I wouldn't want to wish on anyone: ear pain. Dear fuck. It's like being stabbed in the head over and over.

But I got this done:

Gaze upon his mighty fluff.

Urrrgh I'm going to go back to completing the pokedex on X...
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Okay seriously, I have a reason. I had a really bad case of insomnia last night and didn't sleep until about 4AM. Woke up again about 8, called in sick because there was no way I'd be able to go anywhere, and then fell asleep again only to do the waking up at 7PM thing again.

There's no reason I couldn't still do the doll challenge, but I wanted it to be representative of a normal weekend, and this is... not. I'm going to reschedule for next weekend.
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That snuck up on me. The Weekend Doll Challenge starts tomorrow! I have from until I get home on Friday until when I go to sleep on Sunday to make a completed doll from scratch. I have everything I need, I'm just waiting to begin now...


Wish me luck on this one, because I think I'm going to need it...
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Unless something comes up, I'll be doing this from Friday 19th September to Sunday 21st. The reason being I want to do this within the context of a normal workweek.

The clock starts ticking when I get home from work on Friday afternoon (unless I go to art class, in which case it starts when I get in after that - the time difference is a couple of hours so not vital, I hope). It ends when I go to bed on Sunday night. That's not definitive, but if I have a completed doll by the time I do so, I win.

I will decide what sort of creature to make in advance so I can gather the required materials, because having to run out for something will obviously screw things up, and if it's something I have to order in advance it'd be blown otherwise. However I must NOT start work (including drawing up physical plans) until the challenge begins.

I should keep track of what I'm doing using photos and keep updating accordingly.

This isn't an extreme challenge. I can take things as leisurely as I want. So there's no rules on when I can sleep, eat, leave the flat, play games, etc. However time doing anything NOT related to building the doll (including working on anything else artistic) isn't counted.

To log the amount of time I actually spend, and also be consistent with how I usually work, I will have a TV show playing in the background while I'm working on the doll. As long as the show is running, I have to be working on it. f I want to eat, sleep, go out, do anything else, I have to wait until the end of the episode (though obviously not if it's an emergency, but that's a common sense thing). The ideal show will be something I've seen before (so I don't get distracted) with relatively short episodes and lots of them. Once done I'll tally up how many episodes I made it through and use that to calculate how long I took.

This'll be fun!
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Been working hard on crafts again. Went to bed on Saturday night at about 4AM, slept a ton, woke up at just before 7PM Sunday evening. Seriously thought my tablet clock was screwing up for a moment.

The weird thing is, I kind of like it. I'm off work for a week so there's no pressure there, and left to its own devices my sleep pattern becomes very unhinged. I've done decently well at keeping up a normal pattern over the last few years but in all truth it's not felt very natural to me and a lot of the time I feel restrained. This is how I used to work, years ago. I'd craft or write or draw for ages, often with a show on in the background to keep me company, and I could keep that up for hours. Then I'd crash, and wake again feeling properly rested. It's a pattern that normal work doesn't provide for. Getting back to it feels like being alive all over again.

That I can feel autumn coming helps too. It's my favourite time of year, when I feel energised and charged up and ready to go. New things are starting, NaNo's around the corner, and I'm being industrious.

Had an interesting idea too. I'd been doing a lot of doll work and it got me thinking that I'm never sure how long it takes to make a doll, because I spread the process out. I've never timed myself. What if I could do it in say, a weekend? I might give this a try. Use a show I'm watching to keep track of time, make sure I have materials but don't start until I get home on Friday evening, and I win if I have a completed doll by Sunday night. I think it would be challenging, but doable. Maybe not next weekend, but the weekend after...
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Best fur selection I've ever seen - it's sold in pretty small cuts but with dolls, that doesn't matter so much.

There are even one of two of these I remember from way back when I was doing costuming. This looks familiar, I seem to recall one or two people got hold of some and it was all over for a while. And I remember how this was big for a while.

I don't know what it says about me that I can remember all this stuff.

Incidentally I have a whole metre of this, some of which got used on my recent gryphon doll. I have no idea where I even brought it, might have been on a US trip sometime. But it's awesome.

One thing I haven't been able to find, though, is the tipped green/grey fabric I used on the Forest Beast. If my memory serves me right I picked it up on a trip to the US in 2005, and there was also a red variant in store. Might have been at Jo Anne's? Since then though I have no idea where it came from, who made it, anything. Though this looks like it might be a blue variant...

I love my furs.
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Look who finally got finished. I had to gut him and redo his armature from scratch. It was like taxidermy. Weird taxidermy. But he came out of it looking good.

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He's done:

More photos.

I think I will call this experiment with plastic armature a success. He'll be up for sale sometime in the future.

Mostly I'm really happy to have found a use for that feathered fur I've held onto for years.
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I went out today to mail a box for [personal profile] drazzi (it's gone first class, you should have him really soon) and it was t-shirt weather. As in I actually wore a t-shirt. And it was warm. I guess that about wraps it up for winter.

Here's some WIP shots from another doll:

The head and feet are Sculpey Living Doll, which I'm testing out with this guy. I'm really impressed by it. I'd been using Sculpey Firm before which... does not really live up to its name when baked. It's soft and easy to scratch. Living Doll bakes at a higher temperature and feels a lot more durable. I still have plenty of Firm left but I think I will use it up on a more standard sculpture or two rather than another doll.

Also this guy is what I made from the plastic armature I brought a couple of months ago. You can see how flexible it is in the second shot. He can stand on his back legs too, and he's so expressive and mobile, and I don't have to worry about metal fatigue breaking him. It's pricier than wire, but worth the difference.

He's not entirely done, he lacks a second wing in that photo and I need to get some glue to finish him off. But he's close. I wish he fit in the lightbox, though.

ANYWAY. If you want him, I can hold onto him once he's done. Or if you want something of you own, I can swing that for you. They start at about £100. I take payment in installments if it's easier for you. Hint hint.
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I got this in the mail last week and kept meaning to post about it:

That's a pre-made doll armature I had shipped in. Bad side, I couldn't find anywhere local and had to have it shipped from the US. Good side: this stuff is awesome! It's way sturdier than wire but also a lot easier to pose. I think I will be using this from now on. I'm even thinking of gutting out a doll I'm close to finished with and giving it one of these instead because it is just that much better.

I didn't expect this pre-made one to be so big, though. But I wanted to see how it all fitted together before I went making my own. I have some ideas for what I'll use for for, anyway.

Anyway back to figuring out Scrivener...
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[profile] fandomaid are currently raising money for those affected by Typhoon Haiyan.

I am selling off the Absol doll I created recently:

Here is the thread. You can buy her right away for anything from 80 AUD upwards.

This is a public post, please signal boost if you can! Thanks.

I also have a post on Tumblr.


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