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Let's make this official. I'm opening up experimental slots for character scarves, like these guys:

Cute, snuggly, super warm, fleecy scarves. You like what you see? Course you do. Here's the details:

-Important note: I can't get these done and out by Christmas. Sorry, there's just not enough time and I wanted to get that out right at the start. That's why I'm opening up on a small scale. But it's okay, because winter doesn't stop with Christmas and these guys will keep you warm all the same.

-Characters - whatever animal type character you like, within reason. This can be a pokemon, your OC, or just a random creature. So long as it fits into scarf form like these two, it's fair game. (Note: I reserve the right to turn down anything I'm uncomfortable with.)

-Pricing is dependent on design. I quoted £30 for the Vaporeon and £25 for the Umbreon, to give you an idea. The more complex the design (like Vaporeon and the fins) the more it'll be, conversely a quick and simple design will be less. Give me a shout if you need specifics for anything.

-Shipping is £6 within the UK, £12 worldwide.

-Payment is via Paypal. Sorry if that gives you any trouble. I don't like them either, but I'm kind of screwed for options internationally.

Drop me a comment here if interested!


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