May. 10th, 2016 06:11 pm
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Also November 18th? Whyyy do you hate NaNoWriMo so much, Game Freak? Nah, I joke. But really, I must be the only person holding out for another delayed European release. I got words to do, people.
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I feel awful right now (physically, don't worry!) but I managed to get this collection done.

At least one 6IV (perfectly statted) male pokemon for each egg group. Took me forever to assemble. So much running around in circles in Not Paris. (And I didn't get one shiny whilst doing it, despite all those eggs. You can't have it all.)

Anyone want leftovers? I have a crapton.

(Also it seems the images not showing thing is a problem on my end. Thanks for pointing that out! I still haven't worked out why that's happening but at least I know. Hopefully you can see this image okay.)
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Alt title: Why I Wish The 3DS Had A Screenshot Function.

Completed National Dex and almost full living dex in Alpha Sapphire. I'm missing a handful of event legendaries, but the game doesn't count those and I'm hoping we'll get distributions soon.

I've wanted to do this forever, but lack of storage space and trading capabilities left me stuck. Now I've got a 3DS and a DS, I can trade in gens 4 and 5, and between that and Bank in gen 6, I realised I had a chance. It might not be a big deal to everyone, but I'm super happy with myself. Besides, who can argue with an increased shiny chance?

I'm going to transfer these guys to X later and get the charm there too. But first, celebratory coffee.
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The shiny gods have been very good to me lately.

Her name's Ranka, timid nature, which is a bit of a mixed blessing, stats aren't too great apparently but I am not going to complain about a shiny version of the BEST BUG EVER. She's going to be a beautiful Scolipede when I train her up.

I'm going to see if I can get all the contest ribbons with her.
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No really this is a big thing! The appointment went well. Less than a minute of warm water and weird pressure, and.. well, the effects aren't noticeable at first, but as the water dries out...

Everything is so loud, even when I type it's all sharp clicking and what the hell since when were keyboards this loud. I kept asking "did you hear that" all day because everything is so sensitive right now. I'm also dizzy, but that's normal. But it all went great. I really don't remember it being this quick and easy before.

Finally finished one of my brownies for the RaTs challenge... course I can't post it until Sunday, but hey, things are looking up. Now if only Paypal would hurry up with my name change documentation. It's been over a week and I've yet to hear a thing, but I also have no benchmark for how long this stuff takes, so maybe this is normal? At least I have time to work on my site.

(I miss having a proper site. Everyone should build a site. It's good fun and gives the internet lots more variety!)

Here's another thing:

(Speaking of which, one more contest to win. Urgh Alpha Sapphire can I have my brain back sometime PLEASE.)

What happened to Tumblr, anyway? I kept trying to drag and drop these to the page and it kept navigating away and losing my post. I really liked the drag-drop interface too. It's why I use Tumblr for images - that's what it does well. It shouldn't break!
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Game: Welcome to that invisible Kecleon scene. Have a shiny one. Happy 2015.

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Caught a Gentle Magikarp. That does it, I'm evolving this guy and taking him to the top.

He can be the shy quiet Gyrados who is sad because everyone thinks he's scary but he's really cuddly, and he just wishes you'd give him a chance instead of running screaming or settling an electric type on him, because he'd never do anything to hurt you.

I want to hug him alreadyyyyy. ok bed now.

82, 749

Nov. 28th, 2014 06:11 pm
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Wrapped up and finally validated, just in time for the European ORAS release. Thankyou, whichever kind person decided to postpone it for a week. Many will indeed have hated you, but I am grateful.

I'm also glad this thing is over. Not so long ago I was thinking it'd be nice if I could match my personal 72K best, but it probably woudn't happen. Then I went on and smashed it by 10,000 words. I still don't know how that happened. I don't know how a lot of this happened.

There's a lot to say about this novel. It's crack, but it's good crack. It's crack I want to polish and make public sometime. It's also... not half bad for a first draft, if I say so myself. But I'm saving it for later, because I have done more than enough typing lately.

So I'm off now to become a Pokemon master. I'll see you in the spring.


May. 7th, 2014 05:55 pm
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Probably all over the internet already but Gen 3's getting a remake!

I fully admit I was not fond of Gen 3 at first. I wasn't in the series straight from Gen 1 because I was in my mid teens when that was big and being all "omg that's for babies" because you're stupid like that as a teenager. (My age is now showing horribly, I know) I started playing in the early 2000s, first Blue on an emulator in 2002 or so. My first actual game was Crystal in about 2005. Cause I'm kind of behind the times here. But I still had that "gen 3 sucks" attitude and I'm kind of ashamed of it now because it's the one generation I've never played (I don't really count LeafGreen) and I regret that a lot.

So I'm hoping this will let me make up for that because... I'm sorry, Gen 3, you look honestly cool and I dissed you unfairly like an idiot.
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European Pokemon Bank release!


Time to transfer my dex fillers and my breeding stock and MY SHINIES.

(speaking of which, anyone want a Lapras? Calm, 5 IVs, only missing IV is Attack which you don't want anyway. Seriously, I've bred a ton in my attempt to get a 6IV male and they're too nice to toss out.)
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What seriously, this is the south and the banks can't even open at a decent time? Ugh and I hauled my name change documents all the way only to find the local branch closes at 2, and the Crawley one closes at 3 so there was no point hopping on a train. wtf south really.

I'm so taking a day off next week to go in.

I think the plan for today now: lounge around, watch QI, drink imported grape soda I may or may not have gained an addiction to, and go back to breeding pokemons. (My current project: getting a 6 perfect IV male in each egg group. Got Field, Monster, and Dragon down. Too many to go. Trying really hard not to think of how electric sheep/Nessie works.)
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I still don't get productivity advice that tells you that you can't be productive unless you get up at stupid o'clock in the morning. Screw that! We all have the same number of hours, does it really matter which ones you use so long as they're what works for you? Because I tell you I am not productive at five AM unless I've come to it from the long way around.

Okay. That said, I wanted to talk a bit more about NaNo this year. I think I'd fallen off the ride in recent years. Okay I'd done NaNo and won it, but I hadn't really jumped in as much as I could have done. This year I've been hanging out on the forums, going to events, and really getting into the spirit of things rather than knocking out my 50K and being done with it all. And this way around is way more fun. I don't even know why I stopped using the boards so much.

I actually love forums as a socialisation venue, but I get little chance to use them because so many have nasty atmospheres. The NaNo boards, though, are one of the nicest places I've seen, at least this year they have.

So. Things I did. The first weekend was the Brighton write-in. Not much to say about that, really. The second weekend was my first London write-in that got me involved in the other end of the region, but also my 10K day on Saturday. I have proved that there is one thing you can do that will reliably make me write 10,000 words in a day.

Hey, turn around so everyone can see you!

That's better.

I've been hanging out in the Pokemon threads a lot (hint: this is a great way to get friend codes too). A few days before Saturday one of the regulars posted that they had a shiny Eevee to go to whoever wrote the most words that day. I wasn't originally going to, but when I started doing well on Saturday, I got stuck in, fired up Write or Die, and made a proper effort. 10K days are weird. You never really know when you're going to have one. When it's going badly, just a thousand words can be too much of an effort. When it's going well, they all just slip by. Suddenly, you have 10K, and you're not really sure where it all came from.

Okay, I do know about 2K of that was a speech made by my villain, which was painful to write because of what a scumbag he was, but it was worth it. And it was an easy 2K. And it's not like it's out of character for him to do that, he's the sort of guy who'd make speeches for half the book if you'd let him. Spoiler: I didn't. I'm not that horrible.

It took a while for the winners to be announced, because it turned out another person besides myself broke 10K, and the person organising it wanted to breed another for them, but I finally got him. One water stone later:

He will eventually be going to live with [personal profile] pointytilly because they have wanted a shiny Vaporeon forever, but I've been enjoying having him around for now. I've never had a 6th gen shiny so far despite it feeling like the rest of the world has, and I'm looking forward to when I can transfer up the ones I have in past games.

Anyway the day after that I went in to a London write-in and bagged another 6K.

Now that's productivity.