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Altas Obscura is fun, but it got a new layout and now it just looks dull? Like everyone else. White background. Big text and images. Clickbait headlines.

There's probably some fancy marketing and UX talk behind why, but I much prefer the old version. It had personality, with that old travelogue look.

I might be getting old, and the site is still fascinating reading, but there's some sad irony to be had when a page showcasing all the quirky things around the world looks like every other website in existence.
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Heads up, Windows 10 is installing on some 7/8 systems automatically. What MS are trying to gain from this, I have no idea. I like my 7 install as it is and so does my five year old laptop.

I think when the time comes for a new one I'm ditching Windows. Maybe keep a virtual machine. I kind of want a 3.1 box anyway, been meaning to set one up for ages. I could finally play that original Catz game I got last year...
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I had a 90s bomb moment - anyone know this show?

My 90s memories never seem to line up with everyone elses'. I guess because I didn't have cable at home growing up and a lot of the big shows of the time were ones I didn't get to see often because of that. Some exceptions for the Disney Saturday morning cartoons and Power Rangers*, but aside from that, my 90s was not your 90s. Confession: I don't think I've ever seen a full episode of Rugrats. I know. I suck. And some of it's geographical, 'cause I don't expect people outside the UK to remember the Crystal Maze or Knightmare**.

But I had this moment where my brain was idling and got onto cartoons and hey, what was that show with the ox and the turtle and all the other talking animals and the paraphrased quote about chrysanthemums which for ages I thought I'd hallucinated because I couldn't find and nobody ever mentioned it. Thankyou Google. Now I know! And it turns out it was actually an 80s show but shush, I remember watching it in the 90s.

And now I remember it's the reason why kid me wrote several billion crappy stories about talking animals.

anyway SAY HELLO if you remember it so I don't feel like a weirdo is what I'm saying here.

*And that era on the internet where everyone knew how to make a website, rather than considering it some strange wizardry as they do today.
**Your tragic loss.


Sep. 11th, 2015 08:22 pm
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I did some more screwing around with my Neocities page. It has a links section now. LIKE IT'S 1999.

I guess some people would say there's no need for links anymore because we have better search engines than we used to. And I guess that's right. But I think sometimes links can show you stuff you might never have found otherwise. They bring me back to my earliest experiences with the internet, hanging out in internet cafes ~1998, squeezing as much time as I could out of my money. It was mostly Petz sites. Hopping from one to the other, it felt like exploring a multitude of little worlds. That's what links are good for. You're not driving down a motorway, you're exploring a little trail through the woods. You don't know where you'll end up, but it's fun to find out...

(And contrary to popular belief, many of them were quite nicely put together. Granted I came in at the tail end of the 90s, when things were starting to get a bit slicker. But still personal.)

That's what I feel like my page is. A little world, all to myself. And yeah, nostalgic. That purple Courier on black look was My Thing back when. But it's also my home now. Sometimes you come across something and you think "yes, this could be my internet home" and this is one of mine. It takes a little more time and effort, but the end result is something that's uniquely yours.

Basically what you all need to do now is make pages so I can link to you and be all LOOK AT THESE COOL PEOPLE.
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I'm sorry I can't hear you over the sound of how 90s this is. (Warning, will play audio. It's damn fine audio though.)

I can't help myself, I find this shit beautiful.

(See if you can find the Petz dog!)
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I am so whacked today, thanks to the conference call that would not end. If I find who invented meetings, they are dead at my hands. I swear.

Some stuff:

Moar Ryll. World stuff, new places, plants, animals, and some stuff about the Archetypes (super powerful NPC guys, you no can has, mine all mine, ah ha haaaa, etc).

I'm doing a map commission! Fun!

It struck me when I was adding stuff to the Ryll site that there's got to be a significant drop in people online who've ever made a webpage, or even know how. They probably think of it as some weird, unknowable thing... and that's sad, because HTML is not scary and CSS is not scary. But when I showed some people at work what I was doing while working on some work related pages, they just looked perplexed. Not so long ago, if you were online, you probably knew something. Now... it's just nonsense. It's sad. Doesn't have to be this way... also, I feel old again.

Cool stuff now. I've been on Meetup for a while but to be honest it's kind of worthless when sending me anything I might be interested in. Until recently when I got a note about a starter friendly D&D group starting up in Brighton. I know sod all about D&D apart from what I've picked up from Order of the Stick, but... what the hell. I put my name down, because I wanted to see what it was like. There should be a session on Saturday, if the guy organising it can find a venue. I hope it's fun. I'm nervous and clueless but I know I'd regret it if I didn't give it a try.

I also think I'm the only girl on the confirmed list, but eh, what the hell.
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I know I'm being super late to the party, but everyone, drop what you're doing and go see Home right away because it is amazing. I decided to go on a whim because I'd heard good things about it, and I was sick of never seeing Dreamworks stuff in the cinema and later on finding out they'd done another great film with bad advertising. Don't regret it one bit. I cried so much.

Every day is best day ever.

Other stuff, I'm trying to get my doll art out and around more places, so I brushed the dust off the G+ account I got shoved into creating. Clicky. Seems a reasonable place and I figured I should get around to using it since they dropped their legal name only rules last year. Which, by the way, I'm very grateful for. It's good to see somewhere get rid of a harmful policy despite the cried of "wahhh trolls."

Was still pretty miffed to find that it whined at me when I put up "Leopardcorgi Creatures" as a name that I wasn't getting "the best experience" or some such crap. Same when it complained that my profile picture didn't include a face. You can ignore the "warnings" but I still found it pretty rude to suggest such things. For me, an internet full of legal names is nowhere near the best experience. Try telling that crap to the scared teenager I used to be, who ventured online and began to find out who they really were when they weren't just a bullied schoolkid. Again, I seriously appreciate backing down on the name rules, but the warning rides right over years of online culture and honestly, makes me feel a bit displaced. As if a bunch of strangers just muscled into my home...

I was also pretty alarmed to find a photo tagging feature, but very relieved that I could turn that crap off rather than have to manually untag things. Less impressed by the fact that I stumbled upon that setting by accident. Something like that should be obvious. And man do I get bored with uncustomisable pages. White and grey boxes, everywhere. How dull.

Aside from that it seems pretty good and usable at least...and honestly most of my gripes are with current social media design trends all over rather than G+ specifically... so I'll at least keep on going there for now, and I could see myself continuing to use it. Happy to say hi there if you like!