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No really this is a big thing! The appointment went well. Less than a minute of warm water and weird pressure, and.. well, the effects aren't noticeable at first, but as the water dries out...

Everything is so loud, even when I type it's all sharp clicking and what the hell since when were keyboards this loud. I kept asking "did you hear that" all day because everything is so sensitive right now. I'm also dizzy, but that's normal. But it all went great. I really don't remember it being this quick and easy before.

Finally finished one of my brownies for the RaTs challenge... course I can't post it until Sunday, but hey, things are looking up. Now if only Paypal would hurry up with my name change documentation. It's been over a week and I've yet to hear a thing, but I also have no benchmark for how long this stuff takes, so maybe this is normal? At least I have time to work on my site.

(I miss having a proper site. Everyone should build a site. It's good fun and gives the internet lots more variety!)

Here's another thing:

(Speaking of which, one more contest to win. Urgh Alpha Sapphire can I have my brain back sometime PLEASE.)

What happened to Tumblr, anyway? I kept trying to drag and drop these to the page and it kept navigating away and losing my post. I really liked the drag-drop interface too. It's why I use Tumblr for images - that's what it does well. It shouldn't break!


Jan. 20th, 2015 08:02 pm
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Things I wouldn't want to wish on anyone: ear pain. Dear fuck. It's like being stabbed in the head over and over.

But I got this done:

Gaze upon his mighty fluff.

Urrrgh I'm going to go back to completing the pokedex on X...


Oct. 6th, 2014 07:28 pm
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I have not been well all weekend. Half braih fog, half intense back muscle pain. I have a feeling sleeping on my back would help things but I've never felt secure doing that. But Netflix has some good movies in lately so it's not as if I did nothing. (Dammit Dreamworks. Do some better advertising because I hate it when I skip out on seeing your stuff in the cinema because I think it's wacky kid comedy, because I can never tell with you. PS: HTTYD is awesome!)

But I have licorice tea, and QI is back, and the leaves are falling and it's dark and rainy outside but warm inside. The season has arrived. It's funny how your calender can end up revolving around the oddest of events, but after ten years, NaNo is part of life for me. And given that the idea for this year has been banging around since December, it's about time.


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