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So Manifestations is four years old today. That's a lot of time, no doubt. I don't believe I've ever had a fiction project last as long as this. Okay, I've had a longstanding worldbuilding project, but it's changed so much you can barely call it the same thing any more. And it's not a story, either, like this is.

I admit I would hope that after four years, I'd have more done. But it's worth it to have what I do have, even if I'd like to pick up the pace. Writing serials is a different thing to writing self contained novels. You're running live, and you know vaguely where it all ends but not how you're going to get there, and to make it extra scary, you're doing it all for an audience.

But I wouldn't trade the audience for anything.

It's fashionable to say you don't care about feedback, because you're doing it for yourself. And I do write Manifestations for myself. But it's a lonely experience. You're following these characters you love, and yet nobody around you knows who they are and won't join in. I can't publish Manifestations for multiple reasons, so this is the only way I can get it out there. Were it not for you people reading along and following the adventures of two broken brothers and the people they meet, I wouldn't be celebrating four years now. Maybe it means I'm shallow, but on your own, it's easy to come adrift and lose interest. Knowing someone else is along for the ride makes all the difference.

To quote xkcd, thankyou for making me feel less alone.


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