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And then I watched ponies, and there was much epic and awesome and continuity. I love me some continuity. Especially when it's as old as I am and proves that FiM did not invent ponies being cool, dammit.

But I do so love FiM.

And I still have guilt about it. There's still that voice in my head that says "hey, only horrible people like ponies, and you like ponies, so you are a horrible person" but I'm... slowly learning to sit on my guilt. Just because a thing has horrible fans doesn't mean you can't like the thing. And seriously? I love this show. So you can't go telling me I don't get to watch it.

And you know. Epicness and all. Cause that's how my reaction posts go.
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Whew. Feel a bit better today after some proper sleep. Still guiltballing a but, but it's mainly been replaced by the usual low level "everything I write is fail and suck" and I know that's not true.

Well, maybe if I edited and put more time into stuff that might help. But what can I say, recovering perfectionist. Yeah, terrible secret, I don't really do much revision. Just get it done and get it out there. It's a recovering perfectionist sort of thing. I know it's a bad habit, I gotta kick it someday, but... Trying to get over years of stalling. Seems to have worked at least.

and I finished an aaaaarc. Next stop, ROSA AT LAST. Wow it only took me a year to properly debut her. Or huh how about that practice vid I've been sitting on since I grabbed that copy of Premier? Come on I know Sims stuff takes a while to make but not that long.


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