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clicking randomly through reocities because my hands are cramping up too much to do more. (physio appt in June, can't come fast enough)

start to wonder, since it was very much rusty's first internet fandom, 'hey, how long before I find a petz site?'


it's so blindy... but also kind of weirdly beautiful? eh, I guess you had to be from that era. but I do think it's sad hardly anyone makes pages anymore. they have so much personality.

(hint hint - you should try neocities, it's awesome. 20 megs free hosting, html, css, js, nowt else. go nuts and have fun. I made one, you should too.)
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I woke up this morning having had a dream where I had started drawing a comic about a cynical mongoose who wears a beret and likes to pretend they can perform Pokemon attacks when nobody is looking. (And then, apparently, gets all down about not having anyone to pretend being a pokemon with?) I don't know where my subconscious came up with this idea. Nor do I know what it says about me when I think that this is a very valid and wonderful subject for a comic.

But I am not a comic artist by any stretch of the imagination, so don't expect to see Cynical Beret Mongoose anytime soon. Sadly, I might say.

Anyway, this is why I challenge the commonly held notion that dreams are stupid and boring.

I'm blaming my newest obsession for last night's general spate of vivid dreaming, which is another of my list of sound generators to love. I have a bit of a thing for sound generators in general, because outside sounds, especially people, drive me mad. So I'm always looking for ways to block them. This one is awesome and deserves the word and the italics. There's a pile of different generators to begin with, and for each one you can adjust the volume of different frequencies to create lots of different mixes. But what I'm liking so far is the ability to calibrate to your own hearing and system, which is one of those things you didn't know you needed until you could tweak it. Everything sounds so much richer when properly set like that.

Uh. It's cool. Seriously. I know I sound like a sound dork but. It's that cool.

And then I caught up on a pile of Camp NaNo stuff. I've been horribly behind this week and occasionally considered lowering my goal, but now I'm only about 500 words behind and hoping I can close the gap tomorrow. I don't know what it is about of season NaNo work, but I usually fall behind anyway. After a while, though, I always rise back again. It happens.

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Saturday night = taken care of.

Although I'm kind of hyped up and unable to sit still because I may have overdone the energy drinks. I've been having a very lethargic couple of days so I uh... countered it. Maybe too well.