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Took a trip into work today to double check some things. I can't confirm yet if I've definitely gotten the bad family bits out of my emergency contact list. I'm almost certain they're off it, but I wanted to be sure. Boss wasn't in to confirm it, but I got confirmation that only she can access that list and it wouldn't have any bearing on anyone from outside trying to contact me.

As far as I'm aware his only options for calling at work are to:

- call the main switchboard, which will take him through to someone who doesn't know who I am and wouldn't even be allowed to confirm if I worked there, nevermind give any contact details or put him through to me.

- call the actual public line the unit is staffed to answer, again anyone answering would not be able to give any details.

In both cases I confirmed I'd be told if someone had made a contact attempt through those routes. Dickhead didn't think his plan through any. That just leaves home contact, not answering the door or the phone.

The interesting thing in his attitude is how it's both creepy and smacks of desperation. In effect, I'm the one here with the power. What he's trying to do is frightening, but it also proves that he's the one coming up to me, asking for approval. It's a role reversal. I had to grow up trying to fit his standards. Was I good enough? Did I do it right? Always after his approval. Now he's after my approval, and I have the power not to give it to him. The fact that he's sending all these letters with creepy undertones is scary, but because I'm reasonably certain he wouldn't do anything illegal, I can see he's begging and desperate for me to say "I forgive you". And nothing says I have to. He can ask and ask and ask for my approval, and I can sit there and go LOL NO, and he can know how it feels to not be good enough.

Which is pretty epic, isn't it?


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