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I am so whacked today, thanks to the conference call that would not end. If I find who invented meetings, they are dead at my hands. I swear.

Some stuff:

Moar Ryll. World stuff, new places, plants, animals, and some stuff about the Archetypes (super powerful NPC guys, you no can has, mine all mine, ah ha haaaa, etc).

I'm doing a map commission! Fun!

It struck me when I was adding stuff to the Ryll site that there's got to be a significant drop in people online who've ever made a webpage, or even know how. They probably think of it as some weird, unknowable thing... and that's sad, because HTML is not scary and CSS is not scary. But when I showed some people at work what I was doing while working on some work related pages, they just looked perplexed. Not so long ago, if you were online, you probably knew something. Now... it's just nonsense. It's sad. Doesn't have to be this way... also, I feel old again.

Cool stuff now. I've been on Meetup for a while but to be honest it's kind of worthless when sending me anything I might be interested in. Until recently when I got a note about a starter friendly D&D group starting up in Brighton. I know sod all about D&D apart from what I've picked up from Order of the Stick, but... what the hell. I put my name down, because I wanted to see what it was like. There should be a session on Saturday, if the guy organising it can find a venue. I hope it's fun. I'm nervous and clueless but I know I'd regret it if I didn't give it a try.

I also think I'm the only girl on the confirmed list, but eh, what the hell.
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Did this one specifically as an excuse to get out the coloured pencils again. It was awesome. I feel like a kid again! Honestly, I love this pic. It's like my really old ~2000 Animals of Farthing Wood influenced look, but good.

Speaking of Kiarrcats... I mentioned in my last ramble I was thinking of doing a forum. So I set one up. It's basic right now, just the base skin and one board. But do feel free to say hello. Honestly, I'm just happy that it's there. I've never managed to set something like this up on my own without having to ask HOW I THING every five minutes!

I'm still not 100% sure about forum vs live RP... buuut I think it'll help to have both options. I hope.

The website is still moving along too. Been putting up some updated species descriptions, more stuff about the world. All the background set making stuff. It's all go around Ryll right now!
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It's been so long since I posted any kiarrcat stuff, but I should rectify that. I still want to try and set this up as a sort of RP, if I can, but I'm still not sure about the logistics.

Anyway, art first!

The god-host for the Cave species. He's a quiet, solitary type who hangs out in his den full of odds and ends and makes stuff. Often that stuff explodes. Big boom.

Some stats musings )


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