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Easter doesn't mean much for me beyond a couple of extra days off, I admit. Sometimes it's kind of sad, not having any sort of markers during the year, thing set aside from usual life. Just a couple of days when you don't work. Not that I'm complaining about those, but...

But it's a nice day today. The sun was out. I did some reading through my Random draft and attacked it with the red pen whilst sitting in a sunbeam, and okay, now I see why cats like it so much. Sitting in sunbeams, that is, not attacking things with a red pen. Unless maybe they're one of those polydactyls with an extra opposable digit, then you watch out.

I've just been out to do some writing for Camp, and when I got outside, it was the first day of the year in which I didn't have to wear a coat. Nevermind not wearing a coat, it's practically t-shirt weather out there right now! I took an extra long walk through the park, past the pond (there's a swan couple nesting right now!) and through the trees. And you know, maybe that's how I like to mark things. The first day of the year where you don't have to wear a coat. It means something, doesn't it?

I guess if you don't have traditions, you can always make your own.

Camp etc

Apr. 5th, 2015 07:12 pm
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Camp is going really well! I'm doing 20K this month. I find it odd that I can't commit to the full 50K outside of November. Maybe that sort of thing was only meant to happen once a year.

I've done a lot of writing in the coffeeshops in town, and I don't give a toss if you think it's cliche or pretentious, because it works!

Today was pretty good. I made a cake! Except for some reason my cakes seem to turn out underdone in the middle and I'm not sure why. I don't think it's just temperature, because turning it down doesn't seem to help. At least they're still tasty.

I also dug out my printed copy of Random, assigned a first chapter, and attacked it with a red pen. I'm excited! I'm not very good at editing, if I'm honest, but I feel good about this story. I'm actually pretty pleased with the first draft, so I at least feel like I have a good beginning to work from. Hoping to get it posted soon. Might put it on RaTs/RF, not sure yet. I'll see! It'll definitely go on AO3 at least. I wonder if they'll understand if I put "NaNoWriMo" as a fandom...
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Yeesss I just finished Arc 15 and it was awesome fun. Never before have I been so tempted to write TO BE CONTINUED in big letters at the end. But I didn't. Because it was on an Alphasmart and those things don't do formatting. So I'll do it here.


ahhh now doesn't that feel good.

except for the bit where I'm also kind of nauseous but that's ok because I know why. I just wish it'd stop already. ick.
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I woke up this morning having had a dream where I had started drawing a comic about a cynical mongoose who wears a beret and likes to pretend they can perform Pokemon attacks when nobody is looking. (And then, apparently, gets all down about not having anyone to pretend being a pokemon with?) I don't know where my subconscious came up with this idea. Nor do I know what it says about me when I think that this is a very valid and wonderful subject for a comic.

But I am not a comic artist by any stretch of the imagination, so don't expect to see Cynical Beret Mongoose anytime soon. Sadly, I might say.

Anyway, this is why I challenge the commonly held notion that dreams are stupid and boring.

I'm blaming my newest obsession for last night's general spate of vivid dreaming, which is another of my list of sound generators to love. I have a bit of a thing for sound generators in general, because outside sounds, especially people, drive me mad. So I'm always looking for ways to block them. This one is awesome and deserves the word and the italics. There's a pile of different generators to begin with, and for each one you can adjust the volume of different frequencies to create lots of different mixes. But what I'm liking so far is the ability to calibrate to your own hearing and system, which is one of those things you didn't know you needed until you could tweak it. Everything sounds so much richer when properly set like that.

Uh. It's cool. Seriously. I know I sound like a sound dork but. It's that cool.

And then I caught up on a pile of Camp NaNo stuff. I've been horribly behind this week and occasionally considered lowering my goal, but now I'm only about 500 words behind and hoping I can close the gap tomorrow. I don't know what it is about of season NaNo work, but I usually fall behind anyway. After a while, though, I always rise back again. It happens.



Jul. 3rd, 2014 08:37 pm
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So far my Camp work seems to be turning out to be "random shorts that I kept meaning to write but never got around to because of Artslam." So far we have:

-an attempt at working some everyday religion into the storyline after realising it was a massive blindspot of mine. (Having it be on the more easygoing side of the spectrum helps a lot). Courtesy of that one inter-cultural couple I've been writing, who, it turns out, are both a pair of massively awkward dorks. Even when they try to be all together about things. Especially when they try to be all together about things. Aw boys.

-a fictional creation myth courtesy of said religion, which was massively fun to write. The essence of the story being "humanity rebels against the entity that created it, and this is a good thing, because said entity is a complete dick." Aw yeah.

-a snippet of Jen+Dhaymin h/c type stiff, because the boys being grouches while they bleed everywhere is a Thing of mine, okay?

-the start of some sweet as ever Jen/Rosa fluff. Aw yeah some more.

Not a bad start.

RaTs Cabin

Jun. 28th, 2014 02:48 pm
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Crap I slept forever again. Love you too body.

I am so late for the Camp NaNo party this time around, but I did go and set up my details and look for my cabin settings, and I noticed there's a new private cabin setup which is the best thing ever.

I started up a RaTs cabin to see how it worked and okay, I love this feature. It creates a cabin on the spot and you get to invite whoever you want. I only have Shayna on invite right now but if any other RaTs people are doing Camp and want in, drop me your username and I'll send you an invite.

It still seems to be a bit buggy, but NaNo releases are always buggy. I lived through the times when the boards would be totally unavailable on the first couple of days. Bugs are tradition. Love the bugs.
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(Apparently this image is supposed to be used on Facebook. Well screw that!)

It's been a tough end, because I've been feeling sick these last few days and it's been hard to string words together and make them coherent. It helped that I wasn't doing a continuous narrative so it was okay for me to finish off with a snippet about a time travel AU where Rosa and Jen keep meeting backwards and deciding to stay on the same timeline for once is a cute fluffy commitment thing. And that's how it ended.

But I finished one arc and made headway into another, and one or two unexpected things happened, and it wasn't a half bad journey, all things considered. Would camp again.


Apr. 16th, 2014 08:33 pm
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Passed the halfway point a little late but I'm going well so far. Though still surprised at how a halved wordcount goal next to a normal NaNo is translating into double the slowness. Still can't work out what's with that.

But I've also finished off Arc 13 so the theatre storyline is now done - I just need to post it all and give some of the bit characters actual names rather than placeholders. Next up is the newspaper plot... which is going to be interesting because it's all about a couple of minor characters. Sort of the Love and Monsters of the MFSverse. Actually I don't think Rosa and the boys are going to show up at all in this one, but they deserve a rest after all the crap the universe has been putting them through.

Also I finished it off in a coffeeshop and I have a horrible feeling I'm going to end up one of those people who regularly shows up to type stuff over a drink... but I'm not complaining. And my weapon of choice is an Alphasmart. (I am so going to be bummed when mine dies, the company stopped making them... seriously considering grabbing a backup while I can because they are just that awesome.)

Bonus points for finishing off the Red Velvet prompts over some actual red velvet cake.
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Presented without comment:

"What's a giraffe?"

"It's what you are. Now be quiet."

There are two scenes I've been waiting for since I came up with this arc. The first is the fandom scene, the second is this one.
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By the way, it is my duty to inform you that, as part of my foray into Camp NaNo, I am now posting to you from inside a blanket fort. There is no light but the laptop screen and some blue Christmas lights I hung up, and I have some ambient cricket and campfire noises playing to set the mood. I may sleep in here tonight because Mondays are probably less painful this way.

Your opinion is invalid.

(Unless you're in one too. Then I guess it's a blanket fort war or something.)
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(though before I go any further I want it to be known that [personal profile] rantinan is an amazing person who deserves many hugs)

Camp is so close now. I've not been getting into it much so far, not as much as I have for NaNo. But I can feel it edging closer and I've been poking the boards and I'm starting to get excited!

I'm sticking with my original plan of writing as much MFS as I can, but I'm setting my goal to 25K or a half-NaNo. I think that's challenging without overwhelming. There may be some London meets - I hope so, I haven't been in too long. I've also requested everyone who left a username for a cabin, but I don't think I'll mind too much if I get random people. I'm kind of interested to see who I meet.

I can't actually go camping for real (I don't even like camping...) but that has not stopped me entertaining the thought of turning the spare room into an EPIC BLANKET FORT.