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Stop reading the news. Stop watching the news. Stop whispering sweet nothings to the news as you both fall asleep. I know it sucks, but you'll feel better. Here's some ice cream.

(Worked for me!)

Anyway the sun is setting and I am off to London to sit in a bookshop for 12 hours with 40 other writers because I have no sense of self preservation or a healthy sleep cycle. See you all tomorrow when I will no doubt have collapsed on the floor, late in again because the trains here are shite!
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Don't feel too great today. Too many people milling around at work, and the lights are still killing my head. It's not easy to focus when you feel like someone's turned up the pressure inside your skull. Hopefully I'll be switching seats soon because I can't handle much more of this.

BUT it is NaNo refresh day, which is when the season officially starts, and the 200th episode of KUEC is up. So if you need me, I'll be off listening to two people eating silkworm pupa So I Don't Have To.
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Oh hi guys, you just showed up in time for my birthday! Have a Mini Roll. They're tasty.

I'm 32, which sounds depressing until you remember it's ten years left until the Answer, which is really cool. So there. And I got the little birthday message in my Pokemon games which was really awesome.

It also means I've crossed that sort of metaphorical gateway to NaNo. Once the birthday's over and done with the season's started for real. So if I talk about nothing but NaNo for the next few months you know why.
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It felt like summer this afternoon. I got some nice outdoor time. But it comes around this time of year. The weather's a little cooler, the evenings a little darker... and before you know it you're in a coffeeshop, hunched over a keyboard, while about thirty other people do the same, and the caffeine's flowing, and you've barely slept but you don't care...

It's NaNo and there's no getting away from it.

And I think this is the most indecisiveness I've had over a NaNo? I have about three ideas battling it out, nothing developed much beyond a basic premise. I thought I was sure which one I'd pick but last night I became sure again, and I think it'll be down to the wire. Maybe whichever one wants to be written when November rolls around. They're all fun ideas, just I haven't had one in particular jump out and really want to be written.

But it's NaNo time no matter what.

I think I should get some hot chocolate.


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