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There is a tradition amongst the ideas in my head that every November, as the current story winds down, they will pick one of their number to walk into my head and say "Hello. You're writing me next year. Don't argue." This time around, it's that weird half autobiographical, half inspired by a random Tumblr thingy, idea about the princess who runs away with a dragon because her family are all poopyheads.

I can't write this, I protested. This is a children's story. I don't do children's stories. Once upon a time I wanted to be a children's author, but I was about twelve at the time and didn't have much experience outside of children's fantasy novels anyway. Then I just wanted to be an author. Then I realised that no way was I going near the publishing industry and that I was happy to have a day job, sew things, and throw words at the internet. The concept of those words being for kids didn't cross my mind.

Because well, kid's writing is a totally different creature. You're writing it for people with a mindset you haven't had for half a lifetime and you're struggling through all these advice books on what children want and what concepts different ages are able to grasp. Okay, princesses are definitely in, if movies are anything to go by, that's not a problem. Dragons too, for the same reason. But what age group are we talking about? If this is going to be for NaNo, it's going to be 50,000 words. At what age can kids handle a 50K novel? Once they've hit that age, do they still like dragons and princesses, or would they rather read about preteens having crushes in school?

I don't know. But what the hell, it's NaNo. I don't know what sort of kids I'm writing this for, but I can always say I'm writing this for my own preteen self, who lived in a world insisting she read about crushes and school, but would have been all over a 50,000 word novel about princesses and dragons. Or a longer one. I can't say I was exactly average, but kids who aren't average need stories too, even if those stories aren't what the critics say they want. Possibly even more. Who knows more about what children want to read than your own child self?

Besides, kids are smarter than people give them credit for. And kids can understand concepts such as abusive families, even the subtle, emotional side of things. Look at Tangled, which might well be a cute fairytale adaptation but is also the most painfully accurate depiction of emotional abuse I have ever seen. Kids might never run into evil witches or wizards, but there must be plenty of them out there who have a Mother Gothel in their family.

I don't know what I'd do with the idea if I wrote this. It did occur to me that it would be the first thing I'd write that I could potentially sell. Anything Sena related (MFS and its attached stuff) is out for personal reasons, that's my baby-verse and it's not for sale ever. And I can't sell Random for legal reasons, because it's essentially NaNoWriMo fanfic and really wants to be on the internet alongside its progenitor, not in a bookshop, even if I could sell it. I'm not sure if it would be marketable, because the whole what kids want nonsense aside, basically the whole concept is "Hey kids, it's totally okay to run off with strangers who are better than your family!" and people might get a little upset at that. Maybe I'd do a POD run. I know, I know. But that's a long way off. This thing is just an idea. I'll work out what to do with it later.

But the shy, frightened princess who runs off with a dragon, finds her confidence, and stands up to her father, the evil king? Come on. It's got to happen somehow.

(And if it doesn't hit 50K, well, I can always double up. I've been thinking for a while that there also needs to be a kid's book out there called Spy Granny...)
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..actually I might have to make a bunny file.

Because there's the computer-world thing, and also the note I dug up which mentions a near-future scenario in which a character falls in love with an AI system. And it's not the scary cautionary tale of technology coming to dominate our lives that you'd expect, but actually a cute fluffy rom-com. In which one partner just happens to be an AI.

Because dammit the world needs more stories about technology being cool and less OH NOES TECHNOLOGY BAD. (Possibly near future but everything is okay too, because I just... no more dystopian futures. Please. I need to feel like things will be okay.)

I just have no damn clue how to write rom-coms. Shame. (I don't even have any interest in the genre! Why did this even happen?)

..maybe I need a "Future NaNo stories" file. Which will be booked several years in advance the way things are going.
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So here's how [community profile] trope_bingo defines "alternate gender norms":

Any of a collection of tropes in which the usual male/female gender norms don't apply. Most often, this takes the shape of the popular alpha/beta/omega trope. These works may contain male pregnancy, knotting, and other, more animalistic characteristics. This trope also includes works in which the characters are agendered or can change genders at will, or in which the dominant social institution is a matriarchy.

Yeah, this square is bugging me because it's the only one in the way of an otherwise perfect line. But what to do. I can't do gender/sexswap, that's listed elsewhere so I assume it doesn't count. As I've said earlier, A/B/O is a definite out. I'm not sure about the rest or what to do with them.

I know I don't have to play any of them straight, but at the same time I don't think I have enough experience and knowledge of this side of fandom to play with them, either.

Speaking of which one of the other squares in that column is "crossover" so if you want the MFS boys to pay a visit to your canon, or for your people to pay a visit to theirs, give me a shout. I can't promise anything, but I'll see what I can do.
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au: crossover wingfic mind games time travel au: romance novel
locked in rites of passage / coming of age sex pollen poor communication skills food porn
epistolary twenty-four hours to live FREE

au: other bets / wagers
trust and vows role reversal marriage secret twin / doppelganger au: space
au: alternate gender norms fuck or die unrequited love / pining au: royalty / aristocracy / feudal indecent proposal

Hmmm. What to do with this one.

"epistolary" appeals a lot because a chunk of the Newspaper Boys story is getting told via articles and diary entries so it's kind of in the bag already, but what to do with the lines that forces on me... Vertical gives me "alternate gender norms" and I haven't a clue what to do with that, only I am NOT doing A/B/O. And I don't know what else falls under that definition. Horizontal might be the way to go and I can pluck anything else I fancy to go into that free space. I just don't know yet what to do with the other stuff on that line.

On the other hand if I CAN think of something for that gender norms square... vertical isn't half bad either.

I swear some day I should try going for the wingfic square but I still don't... get wingfic as a Thing. But nor can I unsee Dhaymin getting wings and being all WELL THESE ARE EFFING USELESS AREN'T THEY.
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Well I think I may have solved the whole problem with the whole "this story I'm poking at is dangerously close to an existing canon" - throw another one in there.

I mean seriously how did I miss that this was an idea set in a big waterfront city with an interdimensional rift going through it and it's canon established there are people who can come back from the dead and also there were pterosaurs the whole time? And what do people who work at night drink lots of? Poof, now it's Torchwood in a newspaper office!

Much better and I get to keep the guys snogging.
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So it would seem that I've gone and done that thing again where I make up what I think are cool new characters and it turns out that thanks to fandom osmosis they're actually really similar to an existing popular thing that I've not consumed but have seen enough fan activity that it probably lodged into my brain and came out on some level, just when I thought I had a good idea that wasn't.

This is getting embarrassing, dammit.

(Seriously, someone tell me I'm not the only person this keeps happening to?)
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Vanilla Custard (aka custom) prompt set for [profile] runaway_tales: xkcd quotes.

For personal reference.

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Oct. 29th, 2012 11:29 pm
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I bingoed, and that means...

hunger diplomacy death bribery question(s)
disability (temporary) market wisdom symbols choosing sides
waiting history FREE SPACE home good news
vulnerability bad day bluffing disability (chronic) enlightenment
traditions healing fragile pursuit of happiness learning a skill

(I am still not brave enough to ask for a kink card.)

so, pi formation y/y?
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I finished it! This is for [profile] storyfriends for MFS. I suggested a primer challenge because I was afraid of people being intimidated by some of the larger canons in RaTs and was worried mine might be one of them. It's been around a bit and amassed over 200 pieces. Considering I wanted MFS to be an easily accessible story, that's going to need some work.

So, primers.

Manifestations: Has absolutely nothing to do with any other series about monster hunting brothers. Honest. )
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Just a RaTs ref for Champagne so I've got this stuff close to hand...

Given the nature of this set I estimate about one third literal use, one third metaphorical, and one third "everyone plays Pokemon".

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Well, I'm in for it now. (And then Time Lord!Jen is all "well actually it was the Weasley's car but why should you listen to me because nobody ever does so I'll go angst in the corner some more AAAANGST.") Actually I did do an AU where they could time travel! But they were their usual human selves there.

And while on topic, a short tale from last night:

Me: "hmm, I should get started on that cast page I keep meaning to make. Ok, need pics"

*fires up TS2 due to being too lazy to draw*

*summons Dhaymin to photoshoot lot*

*forgets he was at work*

His LTW is to be a lawyer.


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